Publishing Policy

Publishing Policy


We are looking for high-quality, neutral, unbiased and original work by authors. We accept well written,fact-checked, knowledge powered articles from tech writers, gurus,designers and 

   However, each submission will have to go through a review by our editors prior to publication. In addition to a check for plagiarism and some light editing.

2)Content type and goal

  We are looking to be the best website on how to's in the field of Information Technology . These can be in the fields of Linux,Programming,hardware hack, penetration testing, Raspberry Pi,Web design, hobby and others just to name a few (you get the idea..) We value creativity in our posting and creative post always got extra points. Look for smart ways on how to do things (no more text book guys!!) . unique ,be creative and be different !!

3)Payment and Copyright

  We will pay for articles that get published, unless the writer wishes to submit their work as a pure contribution (in which we will give credit to the author). Payment amount for published
articles/tutorials are depend on the submitted content . The  unique and creative it is , the better the price will be (this is subjected to editorial review base on point 1. and 2. above). All published contents must be the original works of the authors. None of the sponsors or advertisers – not even us, the publisher – have influence over the advice, recommendations and opinions in, or the direction of, the contributed article.

  While all efforts are taken to ensure that none of the articles published on the website are illegallyreproduced or have infringed upon the copyrights of another author, in the event that such a situation has been proven to have occurred, we will not hesitate to remove the said article from the website.

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