How to install Open Source repository on Android phone.

In this tutorial, I'm going to share on How to run Open Source repository in Android phone. 

F-Droid is a free and open source software much like Google Play. However ,programs in F-Droid are open source and  has the anti features to Google Play. Programs in F-Droid doesn't have user tracking,advertising or dependence on any non free software. Non free software will be flag off in the app description. In addition to that, F-Droid also offer source code for the software it hosted.

Guide to installing F-Droid on your smartphone

1.Download F-Droid apk from their website .

2. Change setting on your phone
Go to Settings>Advanced Settings > Security and enable "unknown sources" file installation .

Turn on the installation from "unknown sources"

3. Install the downloaded file .
Go to "Downloads" folder and click FDroid.apk to install the software.

4. Run and update the F-Droid Repository.
Click the icon and the software will automatically search for  latest F-Droid repository update.

Click Updates to check the software update progress.

Once the repository is updated, you can start to using F-Droid. 

5. As an additional information, F-Droid can also be used with TOR .

To use F-Droid with TOR, enable by ticking the box

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