Metasploit/Exploit #6:How to get Windows victim system information using winenum in Metasploit .

 In this tutorial, I'm going to share one interesting script that you can use to collect Windows information in Metasploit. The script is known as Winenum. Winenum collects heaps of awesome information on Windows victim machine and save it to your local drive.Among others,you can get the system basic information,system processor info,system hashes details,system network configuration,network statistic performance, network routing tables and more.This script saves a lot of your time in gathering Windows victim machine information.

   In this tutorial, I will straight jump into the Meterpreter terminal and will not cover on how to exploit and get into Meterpreter for Windows victim machine. If you miss the first part of this tutorial, please check it out here.

1 ) To run the script,type:

Metasploit will start and collect information from the victim machine.

2)  Once the information has been collected,you can find the files in
"/root/.msf4/logs/scripts/winenum/ (followed with your system computer name and date)"

N. B: The file is located on above mention location if you are running on Kali Linux 2.0 

3) Below I share some of the information that you can get using Winenum script.

Victim System Details

Victim System Information

Victim System Hashes

Victim System Network Route

Victim System Network Shared Folder

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