Metasploit/Exploit #4 : How to get victim basic information using Meterpreter . 10 tips and tricks

    In my previous tutorial, I have explained on how we can use Metasploit Meterpreter to help us in our pen test job .In this tutorial, I will cover basic information gathering function that can be used to get system information .

   In this tutorial, I will  share 10 tips on how to get system basic information . The victim machine that I use in this tutorial is Windows XP with service pack 2 .Please check my previous tutorial on how to attack a Windows machine .

Hack Tips 101 

1) Get system info .

2) Get victim current user Id .

3) Get victim current process id .

4) Get victim current running processes .

5) Checking user idle time

This command can be used to  check whether the victim is currently on his machine or not .The longer the idletime means the longer the victim is  away from the machine .

6) Get victim machine environment .

This command will give details on the system variable list including the processor details. 

7) Checking whether target is Virtual Machine (VM) .

8) Checking victim networking details .

9) Checking victim network route .

10) Checking victim current system application. 

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