How to manage system services in Kali Linux, Ubuntu and other Linux Debian Distro

    In this tutorial, I'm going to share on How to manage system services in Kali Linux. This tutorial can also be used with Ubuntu and other Debian Linux Distro.

 The program that we going to use is known as Boot Up Manager or BUM for short . BUM work by scanning  and analyzing your system symlinks and scripts which located at
  • /etc/init.d
  • /etc/rcS.d
  • /etc/rcx.d (with x=0 to x=6)
  BUM will then show which of the services are activated on your system and which service are available but not activate. User then can choose  to activate/deactivate the services on their demand. On activating the services, BUM will update and run the command automatically base on range factors. For more information on BUM , please visit the  website.

 In this tutorial, I will be running BUM on my Kali Linux system .


1) Install Boot Up Manager (BUM) program from the terminal .  

2) Run Bum by typing :

BUM will then display a list of services that are available on your system.

3) Once you are in BUM, you will see File, Services and Help button on top left hand side.

Under File there are Apply and Quit function.

Under Services, there are Deactivate,Start and Stop service function.

Under Help, you can find About and Report new service description function .

4. To set/unset services during boot up, scroll down on the list and tick/untick  the service boxes. 

Then go to "File> Apply"  . Click "No" for it to take effect during next boot up.

BUM will execute and update your system. Your system will be updated on the next  boot up .

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