How to use basic NMAP scanning techniques . 8 Tips and Tricks .


  In this tutorial, I'm going to share  basic NMAP scanning techniques.   This list can be used as a guideline for you to explore NMAP . I will cover more on the advanced function of NMAP in my other tutorials. Please subscribe to this page.

1) Scan a single target.

sudo nmap [target]

2) Scan multiple targets.

sudo nmap [target1,target2,target3,etc]

3) Scan list of targets.

sudo nmap -iL [file.txt]

4) Scan range of hosts.

sudo nmap [range of IP addresses]

5)Scan an entire subnet.

sudo nmap [IP address /cdir]

6) Excluding targets from a scan.

sudo nmap [targets] -exclude [IP address]

7) Excluding a list of targets.

sudo nmap [targets] –excludefile [list.txt]

8) Perform an agressive scan. 

sudo nmap -A

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