How to add new fonts in Ubuntu and other Linux Distro .

  By default,every Linux Distro comes with pre installed fonts .However, sometimes we do come across to nice and beautiful fonts while surfing . 

  In this tutorial I will share on how to add new fonts in Ubuntu and other Linux Distro . 

  1. Download fonts to your Linux system .
  2. Extract the downloaded files to "/usr/share" directory.
  3. Check the fonts in your system application .

1) Download fonts to your Linux system .

 There are plenty of online resource  that you can use to download cool fonts. Sites such as Dafont and 1001 Fonts have a massive collection of beautiful and awesome fonts that you can use for free .

 In this example, I will download and use Hong Kong Hustle fonts from Dafont website.

Browse for new fonts

Download fonts to your system

 2) Extract the downloaded files in " /usr/share " directory 

 Once you are done with the font download,check the files in the downloaded location.

 Next, you need to extract the files to  "/usr/share" directory .This will allow other users to access the same fonts when they are using the system . I will create a new folder called hongkong_hustle before unzip the files .

2.1 ) Create a new folder in "/usr/share/fonts/truetype/". 

2.2) Unzip the downloaded file in the newly created directory in  "/usr/share/fonts/truetype/hongkong_hustle" .

2.3) Check the unzipped files in "/usr/share/fonts/truetype/hongkong_hustle" .
Fonts unzipped file

3) Test the newly download fonts in your system application

  I'm using  Inkspace application to play around with the new font. 

Choose the newly installed font

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