How to Install and use BleachBit in Kali Linux to save disk space


    Bleachbit is a cool and awesome program that can be used to clean up the system.BleachBit can be used in either Windows or Linux System .In this tutorial,  I will share on How to install and use BleachBit in Kali Linux.  


  1. Installing BleachBit
  2. How to use BleachBit
  3. Other Functions

1)Installing BleachBit

1.1) Update Kali Linux system . 

Updating the system
1.2) Install BleachBit .

Installing BleachBit

Continue the installation 
2) How to use BleachBit .

2.1) Run BleachBit .

2.2) Set the preferences .
Once you log into Bleach Bit, you will be introduced to Preferences panel to configure the software according to your needs . There are few panels settings that you can play around . 




2.3) On the panel left hand  corner,there are boxes of files and folders that you can choose to clean.Scroll down and tick for the files and folders boxes that you want to delete.

2.4) Once you are done with the files and folders, click "Clean" to clean your system .
2.5) Click "Delete"  to confirm delete. 

Once finished executed, BleachBit will give the recovered disk space, files deleted and number of special operations.

3) Other functions.

3.1) BleachBit can also be used to shred files ,folders and make free space.Go to the top panel and choose "File" to check on this .

Shredding files

Choose the files to delete and click "Delete" .
Choosing files to delete
3.2) On top panel in "Help" section, you can check the system information .
BleachBit Version
System Information

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