How to solve No "wired" and unmanageable network connection in Kali Linux .

   In this tutorial I'm going to share on How to solve no wired  and unmanageable network connection in Kali Linux.I faced this problem after I upgraded my Kali system to  Kali Linux 2.0 on my Virtualbox. 

Problem Description

Kali Linux unable to connect to virtualbox network and no "Wired" settings can be found in Kali Linux system panel settings.
No wired connection

Cant Manage Network connection

How to solve?

1) Check  "/etc/network/interfaces" file by typing in the terminal: 

edit network interface


Make sure the file  has below configuration .

allow-hotplug eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

2) edit "/etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf" file . type in the terminal :

3) Change "ifupdown managed " value to "true"  .
save the file!

4) Restart network manager .

restart network manager
Once you restart the network manager service, the network connection will start immediately and you should be able to connect to the network .

5) Check Network Settings panel.
Connected Wired connection

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