How to install Metasploitable in Ubuntu Virtualbox .

  In this tutorial, I'm going to share on How to install Metasploitable 2 in Ubuntu Virtualbox .

What will be covered in this tutorial

  1. Download Metasploitable from the internet.
  2. Copy to image folder and Unzip  the file.
  3. Create new Virtual Machine in Virtualbox.
  4. Run Metasploitable .


1)Download Metasploitable from the internet .

Google Metasploitable for latest version or download it here .

2) Copy to image folder and Unzip  the file.

2.1) Copy the downloaded file to your Image file location.

2.2) Unzip the file

Extract the file by typing below command in the terminal .

3) Create new Virtual Machine in Virtualbox.

3.1) Run Virtualbox click "New" to add new Virtual Machine . Give a name for your virtual machine,type which is "Linux" and version "Ubuntu" .

3.2) Set the memory size that you want to use with this virtual machine . I use 512 Mb for this Virtual Machine .

 3.3) Set the hard disk drive by using the existing hard disk file . Look for the extracted (in step 2.2) "Metasploitable.vmdk" . Click the yellow box

4)Run Metasploitable . 
the default username and password for Metasploitable is "msfadmin"

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