How to share folder between Windows XP and Ubuntu host in Virtualbox

    In this post I'm going to share on How to share folder between Windows XP and Ubuntu host in Virtualbox. 

What will this tutorial covered.

1) Configure Virtualbox .
2) Adding shared folder shortcut in Windows XP .
3) Share and edit a file between Ubuntu Host and Windows XP .


1) Configure Virtualbox .

1.1) Create a shared folder in Ubuntu the host system.

Create folder

1.2)  Open Virtualbox go to  "Settings> Shared folders" . Add the newly created folder in Step 1.1 . Click the blue plus sign to look for the folder .

1.3) Click "Auto-Mount" and "Make Permanent" box.

1.4) Click "OK" .

1.5) RunWindows XP in Virtualbox.

Run Windows XP

Windows XP booting

2) Adding shared folder  shortcut in Windows XP .

2.1) Once started, go to "Start> My Computer> My Network Place".

My Computer

Click My Network Place

2.2) Click "Add New Network" .

2.3) Add New Network place. Click "Next" in the popped out wizard panel.

2.4)  "Choose another network location" and click "Next" .

Choose another network location

2.5) Browse the network and add Ubuntu shared host folder by clicking "Browse" .

Browse host share folder

Ubuntu Shared Folder

Ubuntu Shared Folder

2.6) Click "Finish" to close the wizard panel .
Close the setting wizard

Ubuntu Shared folder

3) Share and edit a file between Ubuntu Host and Windows XP 

3.1) Test sharing file between folder . Create a new file . In this example, i create a file name  "Windows_file" .

3.2) Edit the file . and check the file in the host system Ubuntu .By default, the file will be visible between the host system and Windows XP .

3.3) Check in Ubuntu host folder and edit the current file from the host system .

3.3) Check the edited file  in Windows XP folder .

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