How to install Windows XP Guest Addition in Ubuntu Virtualbox .

  In this post, I'm going to share on how to install Windows XP Guest Addition in Ubuntu Virtualbox . In order for you to follow with this tutorial, you need to have Windows XP installed  on your virtualbox . If you haven't got this done , please check on my previous post.


1) Run Windows XP on Virtualbox. Go to "Device> insert Guest Addition CD Image" .
Insert Guest Addition CD image

2)  A Panel will be popped out. Click "Next" to proceed with Installation.
Install Virtualbox

Install Virtualbox

3) Choose the destination folder for the installation. Click "Next"
Choose folder location

4) Choose the components that you want to install . I just leave it as default settings.

Choose Virtualbox Components

5) Few Warning windows  will be popped out .These warning windows are asking permision to install video graphic adapter and mouse and pointing devices software. click "Continue Anyway"
Windows software installation warning

Virtualbox Graphic adapter installation

Virtualbox mouse and pointing devices installation

6) Once finish installed,Reboot the system.

7) Once rebooted,You should be running on Windows XP Guest Addition . 
Windows XP Guest Addition

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