How to install CentOS Guest Addition in Ubuntu Virtualbox

 In this post, I'm going to show on how to run CentOS Guest Addition in Virtualbox .

  1. Install system dependencies .
  2. Update system kernel .
  3. Install  Guest Addition .
  4. Reboot .
1. Install system dependencies .

1.1 Install development tools

1.2 Install additional repositories

1.3 Install Dynamic Kernel Module Support (DKMS)

2.Update system kernel .

2.1 Update current system kernel

2.2 Reboot

3.Install  Guest Addition .

3.1 Unattached and Re attached VBOXADDITON cd image

Go to home and un attached the VBOXADDITION driver
by clicking the right hand side sign

Re attach the image . Go to 
"virtualbox panel >Devices> insert Guest addition CD imange"

3.2 Run the pop up menu

Click "Run" on the pop up menu  and  key in your super user password to proceed with installation.


Reboot your system and  CentOS should run in Guest Addition mode.

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