How to make sudo password display as asterisk in Linux terminal

    In this tutorial, I'm going to share on how to make password display as asterisk in the terminal.Normally when we type our password in the terminal, nothing is display. This simple tips will help you not to delete all the characters when you misspell your sudo password. :)

      To do this , you need to edit sudoer file in /etc directory. Please make sure that you  use visudo command to edit this file. visudo command has  the function to edit the file and checking it syntax upon saving. You will not want to mess with this file as if something goes wrong, you will having problem in getting root privilege.


1)Run Visudo command to edit  /etc/sudoers file

Run visudo command

2)Edit the file and save.

2.1 ) Add "Defaults" and "pwfeedback" to the file 

2.2) Press "Ctrl -X" and press "Y" to save the file .

3)Exit current terminal and open new one for it to take effect.

run any sudo command and see the asterisk for password

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