How to install latest Virtualbox in Ubuntu

In this post I'm going to share how to install Virtualbox in Ubuntu system .

What we will do in this tutorial

1)Download latest Virtualbox software from Virtualbox website
2)Install Virtualbox through Ubuntu Software centre
3)Configure Virtualbox users in Ubuntu System
4)Download Virtualbox extension pack from Virtualboc website
5)Install Virtualbox extension pack


1) Download latest Virtualbox software from Virtualbox website. Or you can Google 'virtualbox' and click  'Downloads> virtualbox for linux host'

Virtualbox 4.3.14 for Linux hosts

  1.1) Choose the right software version compatible with your system by checking in   the terminal

shark_attack@Positive-Space:~$  file /sbin/init

32 bit/64 bit

 1.2)Download Virtualbox software compatible with your System

Download Virtualbox software

Save it

2)Install Virtualbox through Ubuntu Software centre

 2.1) Click the  downloaded file. It will direct to Ubuntu Software Centre to complete the installation
Click the downloaded file

Latest Virtualbox version (at the time this post is written)

Authenticate to complete the installation

3)Configure Virtualbox user in Ubuntu System

3.1)Search  'Users and Groups' in Ubuntu  Dash home

Users and Groups

3.2) Click  'Manage Group'

Manage Group

3.3) Click 'vboxusers' in the list and click 'Properties'


3.4) Tick the users you want to allow using Virtualbox 

Allowed Users

Authentication required

 4)Download Virtualbox extension pack from Virtualbox  website.

Download Virtualbox Extension Pack

Save file in your system

 5)Install Virtualbox Extension Pack

5.1) Click the Extension Pack downloaded file

Complete Extension Pack Downloaded file

Install file
 5.2) Scroll down and click 'I agree'

Scroll & Agree

Authentication required

Installation in progress

Installation complete

Virtualbox  and Extension pack is successfully installed on your system .!

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