How to make Google Adsense account work with new blogger custom domain URL

    In this post, I'm going to share how to  make Adsense account work with new blogger custom domain .This post is for Adsense user who are on "Hosted Account " .Adsense "Hosted Account "  is account title you get when you sign in with  host partner. If you register your Adsense account from Blogger/Blogspot, there is a high possibility you are on  "Hosted Account" title.

   In order to get your Adsense to work with your non-host partner  domain, you need to request for a account review.Non-host partner domain is domain that doesn't belong to host partner.This include domain that you registered yourself . This post show what you need to do to submit the application for review. It will take some time for your website to get approved from Google Adsense team, depending on your website traffic , website content and other related details.


1) Login to your adsense account . Check on top left side whether it show as " Hosted Account" . Make sure you are under "Hosted Account" before continue with this tutorial.

Make sure it is "Hosted Account"

2)From the main panel, go to "Settings > Access and Authorization "

3) Key in your custom domain in the box an click "Submit" for review .

Enter your custom domain

Succced send for review

4)Go to "My ads >URL Channels > New URL channel" and add your URL as your new Channel

Adding New Channel

Add your Channel

5)Claim sites and create new channel

Sites claim

6)Go to  "My Ads" ,add your Ads code into your website

Get your code

Copy Ads code

7) Go to your "Blogger>Layout"  and replace the old Ads code with the new one

Delete old Ads code

Add new code

New Ads code in blogger

   After you update the Ads code, save it and Google Adsense team will review your application.It only took me  one day to get approval for my account. Below is snapshot of my approved account. Notice that the "Hosted Account" sign is remove. Once it is approved, your ads will be publish as normal on your new domain.

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