How to make Firefox autoplay Youtube video in HD

   In this post, I'm going to share How to make Firefox web browser  auto play Youtube Video in HD .

     What this software does is it add "&hd=1" to the youtube URL . This is a convention set by Youtube to play video in HD. If by any means Youtube change it convention, this post can only  be use as a reference and not as a solution .

   Need to be note here that this only work on Youtube website and not with embedded player . By default this add on will automatically play 720p even if 1080p data stream is available.

   Below are the steps to install this add on.


1. Open 'Firefox>Tools>Add on' 

Click add on on Firefox
2. Search in the add on box "Youtube-HD"

Search for Youtube HD
3. Click and install Youtube -HD software

Add Youtube-HD software

4. Make sure the program is installed

Installed program

5. Refresh your Youtube browser . You are good to go

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