How to format SD card or USB drive on Ubuntu 12.04

   In this post, I'm going to share how to format SD card or USB drive on Ubuntu 12.04 . I will be using Gparted software. Gparted is a powerful tool and can be use to partition your hard drive. You need to enter 'root' password every time you use this program

   It's an easy stuff. Just follow the guide below.


1. Install "Gparted"  program on your  system from Ubuntu Software Centre .
Gparted Software

2.Open Gparted software and enter root password

Enter root password

3. Select the drive that you want to format.

Select Drive to format

4.Right click and choose to unmount the drive from the system
Unmount the drive

5. After Unmount, right click again and choose what filesystem type you want to format your drive.
Choose Filesystem type

6. Click the 'tick' sign for to apply the operation.

Apply the operation

7.Click 'Apply' to proceed

Confirm the operation

8.Wait till finish.
Succeed format

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