How to submit your website to international search engine

  Having your website being found in the world wide web is crucial for those who use internet as advertising medium in their business . Normal internet user will use search engine to do their online searching and shopping .The idea of internet and business is that it break the natural demographic constraint as we have before .

   Search engine have their own method to find new sites .This method operates in the order of web crawling,indexing and searching. In this post, I  share how you can submit your website url to international search engine.

  I have trace few search engines below on  where you can submit your website url. You can submit your website by clicking below link and fill in your website url in the box .Don't forget to click submit. :-)






For Blekko guideline, please visit here

  This will make the search engine notice the site and will notify it's crawler  to find your page. Once you have submit your website,It is a good practice that you incorporate the function of translating your website to different language .One way you can do this is by integrating using Google translate button.

Let me know how it goes, that's it for now. Have a good day.

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