How to install Kali Linux Tools on Ubuntu 12.04

  Kali Linux is a Linux distro that are use mainly for advanced penetration testing .Kali Linux comprise of at least 300 testing tools . For complete tools list, you can refer here . To get more information about Kali, you can visit their website.

    In this post, I'm going to show how we can use Kali Tools in Ubuntu 12.04. Currently I'm running on kernel 3.8.0-33


1. Open Ubuntu Software center  >edit>software sources

Software source

2.Click  on other software>add

Adding software link on repositories

Add below  package link  in your Ubuntu software repository.


For complete details on this package,  please check here. 

3.Make sure the package is include in your software repositories .

Ubuntu software repositories

4. Update your system repositories.

shark_attack@Positive-Space:~$ sudo apt-get update

5.Search for Kali Tools in Ubuntu software centre and install any program that you wish.If you can't find any program, close Ubuntu software centre , reopen it back and search again. It should work.

Note: I haven't test all the Kali tools program in the repositories as yet . Some of the program might have a compatibility issue with the kernel . If you find any issue with the tools, please comment in the box below

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