How to check your NEW website on Google search

  If you  have a new website, Having traffic is necessary to attract people to visit your page.For this reason, search engine always play an important role  . In this post, I'm going to share how you can check your new website on Google .

  If you can't find your website on Google search even If you have update  few time,don't be panic. It take time for new site to be include in the search engine.Give Google few weeks  for Google crawler to find your site . You can try different method and type in the Google search "site : (your website URL)"  .Below is an example how I look for my site on Google Search.

                                      Example how to search in Google
  To expedite Google Crawler to find your site, You can have it register on Google page.Please visit  here  to do so.

  After few weeks and you still can't find your page on Google,there might be few reason why this night happen.One of the most common reason is  due to  robot.txt file .Robot.txt file can determine whether you allow Google Crawler to find your page or not.You can do much more details function and specific way on how Google want to find your page by customizing your robot.txt file .You can read it here for more info.Before editing your  robot.txt file, make sure you know what you doing. There is no harm in testing you always learn something new :-)

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