How to make Torrent or any file to work with Firefox (Ubuntu 12.04)

 Whenever we click a file to download using Torrent client,  Torrent will use   ".magnet"  protocol to communicate with it's peers in the network. The idea of this  protocol is using the content cryptographic hash value of the file rather than of it's location. This protocol  use metadata content to be located by our machine.

  In this post I'll share how we can solve the problem of Torrent file magnet that can't work  with Firefox. This problem happen because Firefox doesn't recognize the ".magnet" file .Below are the steps taken to resolve this problem:

1. Open  Firefox browser and type "about:config "

2. Search for file "network.protocol-handler.expose.magnet"   this file determine whether our browser know which application need to be open with ".magnet" file type .

3. Right click and choose
"New>boolean> (key in network.protocol-handler.expose.magnet) > false"

4.Make sure the file is configure in our browser.

5. Go to torrent file and click it to open

6. Choose the type of application that you want  to run with ".magnet" file .
 (search for your bittorent client) .


    There you go.Your browser should  able to work with torrent file.To know more about what type of application associate with your browser, Go to your browser


You should have something like this
Application associate with Firefox Browser

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