How to add website/ blog to Google Analytics

   Google Analytics is one  product that we can use to improve our web site performance on the net . We can use the data that we get from Google Analytics to analyse the on going trend, the effective of our product marketing ,the  traffic source ,the visitor location, and many more . Google Analytics is a powerful tool to monitor our website performance. To understand more about Google Analytics, you can visit their channel on youtube . There are few blogs out there sharing about Google Analytics function and services.

   In this post, I'll be sharing on how you can register and make your website being tracked by Google Analytics (GA).


1. Login and register to Google Analytics

2. Sign up and fill in the blank box (make sure you fill in everything)

3. Read the term & services and  click "Accept"

4. Click "get the tracking code".Page will be directed to the GA script page

5. Go to the website that you want to track, copy the script from GA page and paste it to your template.

6 . For Blogger, you can go to blog 'settings >other' and key in your GA Id.

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