How to change Youtube channel URL

 Below are the steps I took to configure my youtube url link. Please try it out and share if you face any problem .Do share any comment in the box below .

(NOTE: This trick might work with account that associate with the Google id.It will not work if you are using your old Youtube account id)


1) Get your youtube account verified.
1.1) Login to your account >channel setting>verify
verify your account

1.2) key in your phone number and details click "submit"
Fill in phone details to get account verify

1.3) Wait till you get a text message or voice call from google and key in the number

Fill in the text you receive from Google
NOTE: If you are having problem in getting the SMS, try to change your phone and request the code back.if you are using Iphone, try other brand like Samsung,LG,Nokia or anything else

1.4) Check back again on your channel setting make sure it show as  "VERIFIED"
Make sure your account is verified

2) Get your youtube URL
2.1) Go to main panel and click "youtube setting" to go to account setting
Youtube setting

2.2) Click "Advanced" and get your URL
Click advanced

2.3) Create/search for your link
Look for your link

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